Dana Bansos Rentan Dikorupsi

Governor: Please Fund Whatever We Open

London, (PR), – Submission to the disbursement of social assistance (social aid) by the Government of West Java province closed so it is vulnerable to fraud or corruption. Though the source of funding comes from public money which empties in the Regional Budget (budget).

Researchers Society Initiative Pius Widiyatmoko in Bandung, Wednesday (6/3), said the closure of the West Java provincial government has felt since he asked for a data receiver, the address and number of the amount of social aid and grants from the provincial government in 2011-2012. Pius following the procedure by giving a letter of application, letter of objection, until the filing of a request for information to the Information Commission (RIC) Jabar.

In the KI level, disputes this information up until the adjudication hearing that a few times is not attended by the provincial government to open disconnected information. “KI has been conveyed to the provincial government about the decision that the recipient information, the address and the amount of social aid was indeed open. But the provincial government did not respond. We think there is a deliberate government against KI. This response confirms there are problems in social aid, “said Pius.

Pius said the selection process proposals submitted to the provincial government are also covered. It was seen by the Governor Regulation (gubernatorial) Jabar 55/2011 on Procedures for Budgeting, Implementation and Administration, Accountability and Reporting and Monitoring and Evaluation of Grants and Shopping Social Assistance sourced from the budget.

Regulation was set in London on October 26, 2011 by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan. According to Pius, the regulation makes no opportunity for the public to monitor the flow of funds bansos.

“I read bansos procedure turns out it was closed so the public does not see the start of the selection phase of the proposal. So, there is no opportunity for the public to monitor because it does not open at all. It is ultimately supports bansos it will rotate at the address was not clear and distributed to people close to certain parties, “said Pius.


On the other hand, the Society Initiative also disappointed on that KI is not only doing his job cut open or closed information. In fact, based on the rules of KI also has the power to order the provincial government to provide information.

Response to this condition, Society Initiative plans to report the case to the Ombudsman Jabar. They hope that the Ombudsman can help suppress and execute. This path must be taken according to Pius as long as this has volunteered time to follow all the procedures, but did not produce a positive response from the government.

Society Initiative hopes, through data obtained later, they will monitor the provincial policy regarding social aid. Looking ahead, internally they will also analyze future bansos.

“We will analyze whether or not there bansos in the budget heading. If the distribution is not true, and the criteria is not clear, it may be removed or be continued, but with a selection team of independent outside government. The goal is to be distributed to the right people, “said Pius.

ready to open

In a previous interview with the governor, Ahmad Heryawan said when asked about the data address, the name and number of any budget, the provincial government ready to open.

“We will open dong, yes the person can not open our budget. Please feel free to fund whatever we are open. Data was open, just do not use the data ngekeok governor. Like yesterday there ngekeok governor, but the governor was not there fault anything. Pointed nose only if there is something wrong. Point where oknumnya, institution, completed. Report to the prosecutor or to the police, “said the Governor.

Heryawan said, if there are deviations social aid funds, irregularities not occurred in the governor or in the finance bureau. Deviations according to him is common to people being disbursed social assistance recipients or the community as a social aid or grant aid.

However, until now the data that the Governor has not been open to the public or to the Society Initiative requesting immediate disclosure of West Java province. (A-199) ***

Source: People’s Daily Thoughts print edition, Thursday, March 7, 2013