JAMKESMAS and District Health Care Insurance Schemes

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Reviewer : Yuna Farhan, Fitria Muslih, Valentina S. Wijiyati, MS. Wa’i, Donny Setiawan

Assessor : Arifin – Pattiro Kendal, Atang Setiawan – Lakpesdam Tasik, Nunik Handayani – FITRA Sumsel, Panji Yudha Prasetya – INISIATIF Bandung, R. Widi Nugroho – Pattiro Semarang, Tubagus Asep Subkhi – Lakpesdam Lebak, Valentina Sri Wijiyati – IDEA Yogyakarta



Chapter 1 : Introduction


Research Objectives

Expected Outputs


Background to the Assessment

Data Collection Methods

Methods of Data Analysis

Assessment Locations

Chapter 2 : JAMKESMAS and District Needs for Health Care Insurance

Overview of the JAMKESMAS Scheme


JAMKESMAS and the Needs of Health Care Cost Protection in Districts

Chapter 3 : District Health Care Insurance Scheme (JAMKESDA)

Regional Policies to Provide Health Care Security for the Poor and Disadvantaged People

District Scheme Categories of Health Insurance

The Benefits of JAMKESDA Schemes

Chapter 4 : Effects of Targeting

Overview of Targeting in JAMKESDA Schemes

The Effects of Targeting

Overview of the Poverty Data Problems

The Targeting Problems in JAMKESMAS Implementation

The Targeting Error Problems : F-Type, E-Type, Double Dipping

The Budget Capacity Relating to the Model of Targeting

Chapter 5 : District Financing Capacity for Health Care Insurance Scheme

General Budget Profile

Budget Revenue Profile

Budget Spending Profile

District Health Budget

Revenue from Health Sector

District Health Budget Spending

Budget for District Health Care Insurance Scheme

Chapter 6 : Institutional Setting of the Scheme

The Legal Framework of the Scheme

The District Scheme with Peraturan Daerah Legal Framework       Status

The District Scheme with Keputusan/Peraturan Kepala Daerah Legal Framework Status

The District Scheme without Clear Legal Framework Status

Institutional Arrangement of the Scheme

District Scheme as a Project Allocated through Social Assistance Budget Item

District Scheme with Separation of Regulation and Financial Organization Function

The Dinas Kesehatan as the Main Organization in Government for Scheme Delivery

The District Scheme as Subordinate of Provincial Scheme

Chapter 7 : Beneficiaries Perspectives of Health Care

Beneficiaries’ Health Treatment Seeking Behavior

Barriers to Access to Formal Health Care Facilities

Beneficiaries’ Perception of Helath Care Services Received

Beneficiaries’ Perception of JAMKESMAS

Program Socialization

Targeting in JAMKESMAS Program

The Advantages of the Program

The Weaknesses of the Program

Beneficiaries’ Perception of JAMKESDA

Program Dissemination

Chapter 8 : Conclusion

The Prospect of Universal Coverage of Health Care Insurance in Indonesia

Adequacy of the District Scheme as the Complementer of the National Scheme to Achieve National Universal Coverage of Health Care Insurance

Agenda for Research and Advocacy of Civil Society Organization in Indonesia